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Welcome to the Newcomer Info Hub: To support you settle in Canada!

July 2, 2024
We are here to help you. We know that sometimes it is challenging to feel comfortable in a new country, but we are here for you. At LEF, we have sessions for your first months and years in the country to help you through. You can join us online or in person, in groups or one-on-one.

Our Newcomer Services  

Join our sessions to learn about:  

  • Canadian laws  

  • There are many community resources available for your family.  

  • Finding a job  

  • Understanding the school system  

 We also provide workshops for those who want to know how to take the Canadian citizenship test. We will be with you every step of the way. 



 We offer special programs to help you continue your career in Canada:   

  • ACiHPE: This program assists students who had graduated from medical schools in other countries to secure employment opportunities within the healthcare industry, but not as healthcare practitioners or doctors.   

  • International Doctors Network: An organization that will assist international medical graduates to find support. 


 English Classes  

The LINC program has been teaching English at this level for more than 2 decades. We are here to help you:  

  • Learn how to communicate in English, whether it be listening, reading, and writing  

  • Have clear objectives and achieve goals 

  • Help you to understand Canadian culture and resources  

  • Be ready for a job  

  • Make new friends  

  • Prepare for Canadian citizenship  


For Refugee Claimants and Asylum Seekers  

English as a Second Language (ESL): Refugees get to learn English with the help of this program. It is useful for people who are still beginners in the language or who are still in the process of mastering that language.  


Youth Program 

You are the leaders of tomorrow! For High School and Young Adults, our Youth Services are available for ages 15-30. Connection, leadership and goals are our core interests and the platform to fill the gaps. Join us for:  


  • Mentorship and Volunteer Opportunities: Community meet up sessions, career fairs, promoting young people ideas and projects, leadership training for youths. 

  • Career / Education Counseling: Assistance in choosing university/college, what career path to pursue, resume preparation, job search and employment. 

  • Social and Recreation Activities: Team sports activities such as tournaments, cultural activities like field trips and fairs and showcases.  

  • Newcomer Youth Supports: Details regarding government services such as PR card renewal, application of social insurance number card, work/study permit, English Conversation Circles, community information and resource, etc., and job search. 


Workshops and Summer Program 

Join our workshops for important information about living in Canada. Our Summer Program offers interactive English classes and fun activities like arts, dance, and computer classes. These activities will help you enjoy your time in Canada and connect with the community. 

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