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Introducing the New LEF Website: A Gateway to Community, Connection, and Opportunity

May 29, 2024
We are thrilled to unveil our revamped online presence with the launch of our brand-new website.

Welcome to LEF's new website. This digital platform is more than just a virtual space; it's a celebration of our community, diverse people, and compelling stories that define The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF).


At the core of LEF's mission lies a commitment to belonging, inclusivity, and placemaking. As we evolve, so too must our digital footprint. Our website redesign embraces this spirit, bringing in fresh ideas to make your experience more enjoyable and accessible.

One of the driving forces behind this website was feedback from both our internal teams and the wider community, including clients, families, and the residents of Mount Dennis. The previous website presented challenges navigating the information on the website. Recognizing the need for improvement, we embarked on a journey to create a more intuitive, user-friendly platform.


LEF's old website. Feedback from the community told us the most urgent needs and important information need to be presented first on the website for easy access to clients and families.

Central to our redesign is the consolidation of resources and information. Visitors, whether newcomers to Canada, local families, or members of the general public, can now easily access the services and support they seek from LEF. By streamlining navigation and prioritizing essential information, we aim to make the user experience seamless and efficient.


Additionally, our Employment Portal is getting a much-needed revamp to better serve our job-seeking community and employer partners looking to hire qualified candidates. Our Newcomer Portal has been brought into our main site for easier access to all of our services. Both of these remain accessible at and


Our website redesign was not just about aesthetics; it was about meeting the needs and preferences of our diverse audience. Through extensive research and feedback collection, we identified key areas for improvement, including language functionality, program visibility, and website accessibility.


A white board showing a diagram of a stick person and a list of "Challenges"
In a focus group, clients were asked to describe what LEF would look like if they were a person. They also shared their challenges with the existing website.

Looking ahead, our website will serve as more than just an information hub. It will be a dynamic tool for community engagement, featuring resources, partnerships, and advocacy initiatives relevant to the Mount Dennis area, and beyond.


We would like to thank our incredible partners at Sid Lee for designing and building the website. We would also like to thank Kern Carter for copywriting and Andres Figueroa for photography. A final thank you goes to our clients, families, community, and staff members who took part in focus groups, surveys, and workshops to help us identify the work that needed to be done.


We are excited about the possibilities that our new website presents and invite you to explore its features, connect with our community, and discover the opportunities that await at The Learning Enrichment Foundation.

Experience the new LEF website at

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