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140 Bicycles given out to the LEF Community from Air Canada Foundation Fundraiser!

December 22, 2023

Every year, the Air Canada Foundation asks for donations from their staff and partners to go towards a particular campaign. This year, The Learning Enrichment Foundation was selected and ACF raised enough money for 150 children’s bicycles and helmets to giveaway to families in the LEF community.  On top of that, 20 bikes were provided by My First Wheels.

LEF purchased the bikes and coordinated the giveaway. ACF organized an event in which their staff organized and assembled the bikes, with supervision and support from LEF. The bikes were given out to the LEF community on December 19th and 20th and went to members of our LINC classes, clients, and families in our child care centres.

Additionally, 22 bikes were taken by Dr. Hopi to the Keepers of the Circle in Kirkland Lake and Temiskaming.

We are incredibly thankful to both the Air Canada Foundation and My First Wheels for this kind and generous donation. We hope to see all the bikes out and about as soon as it is warm enough!

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