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8th Annual LEF Mental Wellness Day

November 24, 2023
We wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge everyone that helped put together the 8th Annual LEF Mental Wellness Day Event on 22 November 2023. Thank you, volunteers, kitchen crew, staff, presenters, and supporting organizations for your dedication and hard work.

Over a hundred people attended the event which included, paper crafts, dance workshops, wellbeing motivational speakers and meditation time. The event brought together different areas of The Learning Enrichment Foundation. The Senior’s @ LEF community were part of the group that attended, and volunteers included individuals from LEF’s Youth & LINC Programs.

There was rich knowledge shared by those that spoke at the event and ran workshops. Workshop topics included:

  • Advice on How to Deal with Mental Distress

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence,

  • and El lado Humano de la Historia (The human side of history).

The event was a resounding success, and we eagerly look forward to the next event.

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