A group of people standing in front of a LEF information desk.

Employment Services

LEF has been connecting our community members to employment for more than 30 years.
A group of people standing in front of a LEF information desk.

Looking for Employment?

Our Employment Services

We provide support for newcomers to Canada, including those in unique personal and professional situations. We also provide support for new graduates, for those recently completing training or looking for training, and for those who have been out of the workforce for a short or long time.
  • Job Supports for Youth
    LEF Youth Services program serves youths ages 15-30 who are searching for ways to better their own lives and the lives of those around them.
  • Ability Work Experience
    This program is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities prepare for, find, maintain employment, or become self-employed.
  • LEF Employment Portal
    Browse jobs from our employment partners to find something that fits for you.
For Employers

Find Your Next Employee

In addition to empowering individuals to gain employment, LEF forms partnerships with local employers to ensure they have the human resources they need to operate and grow. These partnerships are grounded in community and benefit the businesses looking to establish their presence among members of the community, the potential employees looking to work with these businesses, and the communities these businesses serve.

Career-Related Programs

Here are our programs that will help you finding the career you want.
  • Building Maintenance and Superintendent Training
    Join a 10-week training program, experiencing hands on training and a 4-week job placement as you learn building systems basics, fire systems and safety, customer service skills, and more, all at no cost for eligible students!
  • Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance (BAM)
    Since 2009, LEF has been operating the Weston Wheels bike shop serving the Mount Dennis area at affordable prices. In addition, we have been teaching the community to assemble and repair bicycles through a 4-week intensive program about bike repair as an individual or an employee.
  • Launch your career
    Launch Your Career helps you find a job by informing you about the job market and tailoring your job search. The program is for individuals aged 15-30 facing employment challenges, LYC offers 4 weeks of paid pre-employment activities followed by 20 weeks of a job placement.
  • Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education for Internationally Trained Physicians (ACiHPE)
    Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education for Internationally Trained Physicians (Ontario Bridge Training Program) or ACiHPE is a 24 week program designed to inform internationally trained physicians about Ontario's healthcare ecosystem in non-practitioner roles.
  • Warehouse Essential Skills
    Operating for over 2 decades, LEF's Warehouse Essential Skills program allows you to learn and obtain in-demand certificates including Narrow Aisle Reach, Counter Balance Forklift, Walkie End Rider, WHMIS, First Aid, and more!
  • Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) Program
    The Early Childhood Assistant Training Program at LEF offers a pathway to a rewarding career in childcare. With over two decades of experience, our program equips you with the skills and experience needed for roles in childcare facilities or home child care across the city for 14 weeks and learn across two placements!
  • Entrepreneurship Program
    Learn what you should know as a Newcomer to Canada aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Start with essential aspects of entrepreneurship, from problem solving and collaboration, to getting your business funded and learning effective marketing strategies. Each participant receives personalized one-on-one business coaching. Learn to own and run a business in Canada.

Upcoming Sessions for Newcomers

Many of our Newcomer Sessions help develop skills needed for the workforce. Others will help with finding employment, writing your resume, and improving interview skills.
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