A man in a red t-shirt fixing the wheel on a bike.

Bike Mechanic Training for Retailers

Get your new hires up to speed with bike mechanic training for your employees
A man in a red t-shirt fixing the wheel on a bike.

About BAM for Employers 

With over 40 years of experience in Community Economic Development, LEF is your trusted partner in building and improving bike mechanic skills. Specializing in comprehensive industry-focused training, including our renowned Bike Assembly and Maintenance (BAM) program, LEF has been equipping individuals since 2009 with the knowledge and skills to assemble, repair, and maintain bicycles properly, safely, and efficiently. 

Our 1300-square-foot teaching facility boasts six fully equipped workstations, each furnished with professional-grade bicycle toolage. This ensures an optimal learning environment where participants gain hands-on experience and hone their skills to perfection. 

As a certified Private Career College (PCC), LEF offers exceptional training that meets the evolving needs of the bike industry. At the helm of our BAM program is Darren Duke, a bicycle industry professional with over 35 years of experience. Darren not only possesses extensive knowledge of bicycle retail and distribution, but also brings his advanced technical and mechanical skills. He has led the BAM program at LEF for 15 years and is widely recognized as an expert in the field. 

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Contact Information
416-769-0830 ext. 2103
116 Industry St. Toronto, ON. M6M 4L8

Training Models

At LEF, we understand that every retailer's needs are unique. That's why we offer two distinct training models designed to empower your business in the bike industry. Whether you're looking to hire our skilled mechanics or upskill your existing team, we've got the perfect solution for you.

Model 1: Connect with ready-to-work talent

In Model 1, we offer retailers direct access to our BAM program graduates. When you hire our graduates, you're tapping into a valuable resource of job-ready mechanics who are passionate about their craft. 

Model 2: Customized Upskilling

Elevate your existing team's skill set. If you have a dedicated team and want to enhance their skills, Model 2 is your solution. Choose from our list of available training modules for your staff according to your specific needs. 

Hire our graduates

When you hire graduates from our Bike Assembly and Maintenance (BAM) program, you're not just adding skilled employees to your team; you're investing in the future of your bike shop.
  • Employer Incentives

    Receive up to $1500-$4000 in financial support for your new hire's first 2-4 months of employment.

  • Job-ready from day one

    Our graduates are trained to hit the ground running, saving you valuable time and resources in the onboarding process.

  • Demonstrated Expertise

    All our graduates have completed four weeks of intensive hands-on and theoretical training, undergoing weekly testing by our instructors to validate their skills and knowledge.

  • Prescreened for Excellence

    Our employment team thoroughly prescreens participants, giving you access to highly trained and motivated candidates and expert assistance in finding the perfect fit for your team.

Customized Up-Skilling

By choosing Customized Upskilling training, you're making an investment in the growth and success of your team and business. Stay competitive in the dynamic bike industry by empowering your staff with the right skills and knowledge. Our training is designed to elevate your team's performance, boost customer satisfaction, and drive your business forward.
  • Tailored Training for Your Team

    Choose specific modules from our comprehensive catalog that fit your team's unique requirements.

  • Cost-Effective Training Solutions

    Our budget-friendly training lets you optimize your investment by selecting only the modules you need for improving your team's proficiency, without unnecessary expenses.

  • Proven Training Environment

    Benefit from our meticulously designed training curriculum and facilities, ensuring your staff receives top-quality education.

  • Year-Round Availability

    Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling training year-round to accommodate your team's needs.

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