A educator teaching a student in the classroom about computer skills.


Home can mean a lot of things, and as you settle in this new country, we hope that you can feel confident calling Canada your new home.
A educator teaching a student in the classroom about computer skills.

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LEF is your bridge to getting settled in Canada. When you have a community to support you, it makes living in Canada that much easier. That’s why LEF has created so many free newcomer services. We’re here to guide you through some of the challenges you may be experiencing and answer all of the questions you are asking yourself as you build your new life in this country.

Contact info

Email: newcomers@lefca.org .

Phone: 416 688 6485

  • For settlement services in French, please contact Muna Cann 416-688-6485 or email newcomers@lefca.org / Pour des services d’établissement en français veuillez contacter Muna Cann 416-688-6485 ou par courriel newcomers@lefca.org

Here are the Services We Offer

  • Students in the classroom sitting at their desks and studying.
    Settlement supports
    During your first few months or years in Canada, our free newcomer information and orientation services will help you find your way. We deliver these services in groups or one-on-one, both in-person and online. The sessions provide timely, valuable and accurate information on understanding life in Canada, depending on your needs.
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    Internationally Trained Professionals
    If you’ve been trained, educated, or worked in a different country and need to convert that knowledge to be recognized by the Canadian workforce, this service is for you.
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    English Language Classes
    Learning to speak English will greatly improve your opportunities in Canada. LEF offers free language training courses all year round. Sign up for one of our sessions and join other community members on their journey to learning the language.

Newcomer Sessions

Relevant Newcomer Sessions and Events

Our newcomer information and orientation services will help you navigate your first months and years in Canada.

Toronto Newcomer Day 2024

Group of LEF students sitting at a big table in the classroom.

Newcomer Youth Services

Group of LEF students sitting at a big table in the classroom.
Young people are going through a unique experience when they settle in a new country, so we want to make sure we give them special attention. They need to be nurtured and accommodated with intention, so we’ve catered services specifically for their needs.
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Hear from our Clients

Our language program supports newcomers at different levels in their English language journey and provides other supports.

Find Other support

At LEF, we provide well-rounded support for our clients including professional training and employment services.
  • Get Employment Support
    Looking for a job or need resume support? We can help.
  • Practical Skills Training
    Browse our training programs to find the right one for you.
  • Seniors Program
    Looking for a community of older people? Learn more here.
  • Digital Skills
    Learn digital skills through our computer classes for newcomers.
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