A group of people standing in front of a LEF information desk.

Become a Partner at LEF

At the Learning Enrichment Foundation, it is our goal to fully engage private sector businesses in all areas of our work. Whether you are a CEO, manager, salesperson or administrative support staff at your company, you can help us build a stronger community while building a stronger business.
A group of people standing in front of a LEF information desk.

Ways to Partner with Us

We invite you to get involved in one or more of the following community engagement opportunities:
  • Develop Employment Opportunities

    List your job opportunities with LEF, hire an LEF graduate, and work with us to develop other job opportunities.

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  • Engage Your Employees in Training

    Certify or recertify your employees in WHMIS, First Aid, Forklift, Bicycle Maintenance or other training programs

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  • Network for Business

    Work with us to host Business Networking and Marketing Events at LEF

  • Exchange Knowledge

    Share your knowledge and experience with our Graduates, either one-to-one as a mentor, or through group presentations

  • Host Job Fairs and Information Sessions

    Tell the community about your employment opportunities and find great candidates at LEF

  • Provide Practice Placements or Internships

    Welcome our Graduates into your business operations for a week or two at no cost to you

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  • Celebrate or Educate through Special Events

    Work with our Events Department to organize special events for your business prospects, customers, employees or the community

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Contact us

For more information about community engagement opportunities for business people at LEF, Please contact us at 416-769-0830 or email info@lefca.org.
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