Before and After School Age Programs

Carleton Village Early Learning Centre
315 Osler Street,  Toronto,  M6N 2Z4

Clairlea B & A Program – 12 months
  25 Rosalind Crescent, Toronto, ON  M1L 2X1

J.R. Wilcox B & A Program - 12 months
   231 Ava Road, Toronto, ON M6C 1X3

Fairbank Memorial Day Care Centre
  555 Harvie Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada M6E 4M2

General Mercer Early Learning Centre
  30 Turnberry Avenue ON, Canada M6N 1P8

Humewood Day Care Centre  
  15 Cherrywood Avenue City of York, ON, Canada M6C 2X4

Immaculate Conception Child Care Centre
  23 Comay Road   Toronto, ON, Canada M6M 2K9

King George B & A Program - September to June
   25 Rexford Road, Toronto, ON M6S 2M2

Perth Avenue Early Learning Centre
  14 Ruskin Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada M6P 3P8

Rawlinson B & A Program - 12 months
   231 Glenholme Avenue, M6E 3C7

Roselands B & A Program - 12 months
   990 Jane Street,Toronto, ON M6N 4E2

St. Andrew Child Care Centre
  2533 Kipling Avenue ON, Canada M9V 3A8

St. Dorothy Child Care Centre
 155 John Garland Boulevard Etobicoke, ON, Canada M9V 1N7

St. Fidelis B & A Program - 12 months
   9 Bannerman St., Toronto, ON M6L 2S5

St. Marcellus Early Learning Centre
  15 Denfield St.  TorontoON, Canada M9R 3H2

St. Roch Child Care Centre
  174 Duncanwoods Drive  North YorkON, Canada M9L 2E3

St. Stephen Child Care Centre
  55 Golfdown Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9W 2H8

Weston Memorial B & A Program - 12 months
   416-786-1517 or 416-394-3152 x 20135
   200 John Street, Toronto, ON M9N 1K2

The Learning Enrichment Foundation is committed to complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation please contact 416-769-0830 or