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Spot Light

Jose, a newcomer youth from Costa Rica, came to LEF’s youth hub at 1267 Weston Road on a summer day to inquire about youth programs and volunteer opportunities. After the initial visit, Jose began participating in a soccer program and other youth activities. Over the course of the year, Jose became a dedicated volunteer, outreached to newcomer youth and informed his friends and family of different community services and resources.

The next summer Jose was hired by LEF to assist with programs for newcomer youth such as Reconnect, a team-building program, and Troop, a canoe trip program. Presently, Jose attends high school and is working part-time. Next year Jose plans to attend the Computer Engineering program at Ryerson University.

When asked about his experience with LEF Jose said, “LEF is the perfect place for me to receive support, but most importantly it’s the place where I was able to become a community leader and help out other newcomer youth like myself”.