A mural painting on the wall.

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When we all agree that we’re better together, communities begin to take shape. A community’s strength is in its unity, and when that community comes together to serve its collective needs, nothing is impossible.
A mural painting on the wall.
Two women standing and holding up a glass bottle with a gift inside.

Be a Part of Change

Two women standing and holding up a glass bottle with a gift inside.
LEF serves over 10,000 families throughout our communities every year, and you can choose to help support those families by becoming a member. For only $5 a year, you can join the LEF Community. Donate below with a note saying you want a membership, or call us at 416-769-0830.
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The Benefits of an LEF Membership

You will:

  • Receive a membership card that identifies you as part of this diverse and dynamic organization.

  • Receive regular communications and annual reports to keep you updated.

  • Have the right to nominate board members and vote at the annual meeting.

  • Be able to sit on committees.

  • Be able to stand for election as a member of the board of directors.

  • Support and direct the goal of community economic and social development.

  • Be part of a multicultural, community-responsive organization and enjoy the benefits of a thriving, happy, healthy community.

For more information, please contact us at 416 769-0830. To make your payment online, click the membership button above. The Learning Enrichment Foundation will issue an official tax receipt for all donations of $20 or more exclusive of Membership Fee.