LEF Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans

Our Goal: “No One Gets Hurt”

The Learning Enrichment Foundation is committed to protecting the health and safety of Workers, visitors, contractors, the communities in which we are located, and the environment. As such, LEF believes in preparedness and responsible involvement in the implementation of policies and procedures that protect the health and safety of all those who come to our different sites.

The Emergency Preparedness Program incorporates all relevant laws and regulations and all LEF workers have been trained in and support the Emergency Preparedness Program.

LEF’S Emergency Preparedness Program consists of Fire Safety Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Evacuation Plans, and Lockdown Plans. These Plans are in place for all LEF sites to ensure timely and appropriate responses to emergencies. In addition; Emergency Response Team(s) have been established to guide any emergency response at all locations; and trained First Aid staff are present at each location. 

The Emergency Preparedness Program is complemented by the following LEF policies and plans:

  • A Business Continuity Plan

  • A Crisis Communications Plan, included in the Business Continuity Plan

  • A comprehensive set of insurance policies

In addition, LEF Ensures:

  • Workers and clients receive annual training in lockdown procedures.

  • Annual Lockdown drills are conducted at all locations, or ensuring such Plans are in place for each site (e.g., provided by a school board or landlord).

  • All locations have a Health and Safety Representative

  • To have Staff First Aid Certified at each location

  • To have First Aid Naloxone Certified staff

  • To have posted at each location, the Emergency (External) Telephone Numbers Form that will include information for emergency services, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of the Environment, utilities, the nearest poison control centre, and taxi service, as well as the address of the site.

  • All locations have a designated evacuation site. 

  • The Emergency Contact Information (LEF) Form adapted to each site, including each Child Care


  • Exit Emergency Signs

  • During any closure or lock-down due to an emergency, our phone lines and website will provide information on the duration of the closure 

At our main location 116 Industry Street, our facility has been implemented with:

  • Fire alarm system and fire protection equipment

  • 24 hours monitoring ADT system 

  • PA System

  • Panic Buttons

  • Intercom System

  • Security cameras - outside and in common areas only

  • First Aid Room 

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) 

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

  • Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)

We recognize that a safe work environment can be established and sustained only through a united effort by all workplace parties, visitors, contractors, clients, volunteers and the assistance of each person is required. 

If we all show a positive and cooperative attitude to promoting safety awareness , it will greatly assist in achieving our goal of “No One Gets Hurt” and make LEF a great and safe place to work and to serve our community.