A group of educators dressed in raincoats posing for the camera.

Careers at LEF

Belonging is one of our core values at LEF. When you start a career with us, you’re entering into a community where you will be welcomed and valued.
A group of educators dressed in raincoats posing for the camera.
An educator helping toddlers with their meal.

Working at LEF

An educator helping toddlers with their meal.
If exploration, innovation, and the potential to have your ideas implemented in a real way excites you, then consider a career at LEF. We also have a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, including paid vacation and sick days, employer paid health and dental, a great pension plan and more.
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The Learning Enrichment Foundation has been an impactful workplace in my daily practice as an Early Childhood Practitioner for 26 years. It has fostered a strong enterprising spirit in me by inspiring the creation of holistic spaces that connect families, children, and communities through sustainable and thriving shared learning.

Why work at LEF?

Hear from some of our educators about their experience at The Learning Enrichment Foundation.

We celebrate diversity

We recognize the rich diversity of our community, with equitable access to opportunity for everyone.  We support engagement and belonging by consistently providing opportunities for feedback and celebrating idea generation and risk taking.  We focus on unlocking the potential of all employees by investing in an inclusive community centred on storytelling, reflective practices and deepening relationships.

A group photo ot the LEF People and Culture team.

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