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Are your programs and services located on one site?

Most of our programs are available at our 116 Industry Street location, including all of our employment services and achild carecentre. Our youth programs are housed nearby, at 1267 Weston Road. The remaining 17child care centres and 15 before and after school programs are located across the former city of York and in north Etobicoke.

Can I register any time?

Yes. For most of our programs, registration is ongoing. But some programs do not run during certain times of the year. Call 416 769-0830 to confirm our program schedule.

Are your programs free of charge, or is there a tuition fee?

It varies. Some programs are available to newcomers for free. Tuitions apply, but we can help you find government support and you may be eligible to access our Community Skills Development Fund, an in-house loan program.Many of our employment support services, immigrant settlement programsand small business events are free of charge. Call 416 769-0830 for more information.

Can you help me find a job?

Yes. We have employment counsellors and job developers who can assist you through the job search process. We also maintain and update a Web site of job listings at Job postings are available at LEF’s Industry Street location and a free resource centre is available to aid in the job search with access to computers and copying facilities.

Can you help me with these application forms (for example: A citizenship application, permanent resident application, work permit, Social Insurance Number or other identification)?

Yes. Sometimes it may be necessary to refer you to another organization. If it’s a legal matter, we may refer you to a legal clinic.

How can I register?

Call 416 769-0830 to make an appointment. Or click on the Register button on the Web site and follow the instructions.

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