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Child Care

In the event of extreme weather, LEF Child Care Centres follow the school boards resolution where the centre is located.
If the school is closed, so is the child care centre. Please check radio or television for closure announcements.
If both TDSB and the TCDSB close all their schools ALL LEF child care centres will be closed even if they are not located in school buildings.

Children and Families

LEF began offering child care in the early 1980s to better allow parents to support their families by working. Since opening our first centre we have expanded to more than 30 child care centres and before and after school programs located across Toronto. Through a strong partnership with the Toronto Boards of Education we opened many of these inside schools, which better meets the needs of children and parents as services are co-located. LEF is now one of the largest providers of child care services in the City of Toronto.

LEF's child care services works with over 1,700 children daily from ages 0 – 12. We provide an inclusive program that meets the diverse needs of children within our communities. Each of our centres provides a unique atmosphere and strives to meet the needs of our neighbourhoods. Our ability to serve communities and enable people within them is built on our commitment to reinforcing a sense of wonder. We value inclusive play and curiosity in our work and have built an environment of empowerment and mentorship alongside our staff. We facilitate change by encouraging parents to become catalysts themselves, and we have modernized our operations to support all of this with tightly integrated technology.

Through play, a child has the opportunity to set free their imagination and acquire skills, which will foster success in all facets of their development. As Early Childhood Educators our role is to foster the child’s exploration and provide adult support experience based on child’s observations and interests. We strive to offer stimulating, enriching and inclusive programs, providing a holistic approach to the unique needs of each child.

Our vision for child care promotes the well being of children and their families, as we know this is necessary for children to succeed. To meet all the needs of the family, parents are welcome to participate in all LEF programming.

For those interested in becoming involved in the field of early childhood, we invite you to look into our Early Childhood Assistant training program which has intake throughout the year. ECA training at LEF